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The most important historic site in Halkidiki is ancient Stagira, located beside Olympiada, in the Liotopi peninsula. The tour is a real treat. If you want to see everything, you should know that you will need at least 2 to 3 hours and do not miss seeing the seaside path, which is marvelous. Ionian settlers who came from the island of Andros founded the city in 655 B.C. Colonists from Chalkida settled a little later on. The old sources are exact about the location of the city. Stravonas places it in a coastal area southern of ancient Akanthos, in his “Geographics” and mentions the existence of a small islet on the opposite side of the city named Kapros (probably the current island of Kafkanas). The fact that the same name is attributed to the port of Stagira is a feature, whereas many coins bear the symbol of a boar.

Stagira was a small city of Halkidiki in the 4th century, which was under the jurisdiction of Macedonia’s Κing. Aristotle, who later became one of the most important Greek philosophers of ancient times, was born there in 384 B.C.Aristotle was the last great philosopher after Socrates and Plato to have influenced the ancients’ thoughts. He was the first who consistently worked on logic, metaphysics, physics, morality, politics, philosophy, zoology, psychology, literature and aesthetics. He covered all areas of science and many modern ones are based on his research.

When Aristotle passed away in 322 B.C. his body was transferred to his hometown, Stagira. He was declared a “founder” of the city and an altar was built on his tomb. The people established “Aristoteleia”, a celebration to honor his name.

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Ancient Stagira

Aristotle’s Park