Two kilometres from the Thessaloniki–Kavala national highway, just above the mouth of the River Strymon, is the archaeological site of ancient Amphipolis (a city founded in 437 bc) and the Archaeological Museum.

The museum is housed in a new building that was completed in 1995. The finds are displayed in chronological order and comprise the following groups: the prehistoric period (from Mount Pangaio and Ketil Tepes Hill); the Archaic period (from Kasta Hill and the Iron Age cemetery at Amphipolis); the Classical and Hellenistic periods (from the Archaic Gymnasium, the Hellenistic cemetery, the Hellenistic house, and from excavations on the archaeological site), the Roman period (mosaics from a Roman house and from excavations in the local cemetery); the Early Christian period (from five Early Christian basilicas at Amphipolis); and the modern era (from a chapel found at a low elevation near Nea Amphipoli).

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