The cave of Alistrati is considered to be as one of the finest and largest in Greece, and possibly in Europe, where nature show its greatest power of creation.

At the entrance of the cave is the hall, a very nice room of 8 m height. From there start several galleries with great height and rich decoration of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave has also many levels that are unexplored yet.
Mythology According to the Greek mythology in the canyon of river Aggitis, which crosses the Alistrati region, at the site “Petroto” appeared the Sphinx.
It’s also stated that Pluto the god of Adis, when he stole Persephone, daughter of Demetra, led her to the canyon, where is the Gate of Adis .
The area, that mythology referred to is located close to the cave of Alistrati.

The presented information has been extracted from the official site of the Cave of Alistrati .

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