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Where is the hotel situated?

How to get here

Access by plane at Stavros is carried out via the airports of Thessaloniki (mainly) and Kavala.

For those traveling with their private car, road access Stavros and Elanios Zeus apartments is now carried out ​​via the Egnatia Odos. This modern highway has shortened significantly (about 35 minutes) the time distance between Stavros and Thessaloniki or Kavala.

Those who prefer public transportation, you should know that since early 2011, the Thessaloniki KTEL have introduced radical changes to bus services, both in time and cost. Especially during the summer months are carried out on a daily basis express and non-stop routes, thus allowing easy acces to and from Thessaloniki.

You can find out timetables by visiting the relevant page of Tourist Portal Strymonikos Online, by clicking the following link: www.strymonikos.net/portal/Plirofories/Ktel

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